The Trek to Mukta Top

I went on a trek to Mukta Top in Uttarakhand in Dec. 2019, and the whole experience was, not surprisingly, absolutely incredible. This was only my second trek, and the first one was way back in 2009. Physically, I had not done anything remotely as challenging as the trek in the intervening ten-year gap.

We pitched tents on frozen ground that went from brown in the evening to white in the morning.

But the memory of that first trek was strong, and, trite though it sounds, the mountains kept calling. I prepared as well as I could for the trek, and went in with some question marks (Am I fit enough? Did I pick up the right gear?) and a LOT of excitement.

The trek went well enough, and as it turned out, I WAS fit enough for it. Not that I’m bragging about being real fit here. The trek was rated as moderate level after all, and turned out to be easier than I’d expected.

In any case, I’m now already planning my next trek, and hopefully shooting for something more challenging.

I got endless support from everyone as I prepared for the trek, of course, and, when I came back, lots of excited questions about how the trek went, how the experience was, and so on. Many people asked that I write up my whole experience in a blog, and I figured that’s actually a good idea.

Or sometimes the tents ended up on a proper, thick layer of snow!

When I first thought about it, I considered writing keeping the itinerary in focus: Day 1 journal (food, landscape, and more), Day 2 (again a checklist), etc. But IndiaHikes documents their treks really well, and YouTube has a ton of information in the form of a variety of videos. Me adding another journal-style account of my trek didn’t really make sense The journal approach would be limiting in a lot of ways for readers, and also not be very engaging for me in terms of writing.

This blog will therefore see a series of posts centered on specific themes or experiences during the trek. I may have a post just about snow, another about sleeping bags, maybe something about the awesome and adorable mules that make these treks possible, something about the amazing people I met, and so on. No specific order, and definitely not a journal. Just a series of impressions.

The views were absolutely incredible, of course.

While the actual blogging about the trek will start in the next post, it’s just odd to have an all-text post about a Himalayan trek, so I’m tossing in a few images here too.

For those magical views we didn’t have to look to the horizon either. Just peeking out of the tent was enough!

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