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I read a lot, write a little, and learn continuously. This site is a simple, informal catalog of my projects and interests.

What I’m up to

Aside from heading up Marketing and Solutions at [x]cube LABS, I am currently working on a couple of podcast projects (one of which is live), a book, and a reading list of over a hundred books. Also soaking up knowledge and insights in multiple areas on Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, YouTube, Clubhouse, and more.

Talking Point Podcast

This podcast aims to provide practical Spoken English tips and guidance for young professionals, and for students preparing to enter the workforce. The goal is to introduce contemporary, colloquial, conversational, and sometimes slang expressions that are in common use, and can be adopted in everyday conversation easily.



I’ve so far written on technology and startups, done a few book reviews, and have recently started writing on my fitness and health journey.


I read a lot, and widely, but rarely manage to review the books I read. However, I do jot down my impressions occasionally, which you can see here.

About the Podcast

This podcast is the result of years of research, thinking, and writing about language and communication. The focus here is on spoken English, and we’ll discuss contemporary English expressions that you can use in your every day interactions. I’m also a believer in having clear, sensible goals, and as you will see, we won’t worry about ‘speaking like a native,’ or ‘speaking fluently,’ or anything gimmicky along those lines.

I’ve researched language learning and specifically English language learning over the years, have taught English, and written a weekly column on learning English in The Hindu for over 5 years. I also rely on my language skills in my current job, so I tend to think about language and communication actively, every day. Moreover, I’ve myself picked up English as a second language, so I have first-hand experience of this journey, and the pitfalls along the way.

Say Hello!

Get in touch to talk marketing, product thinking, fitness, trekking, literature, history, and ideas.

I offer occasional, pro bono help with writing and copy editing. If you’re a writer or marketer looking for concrete feedback on your latest draft or your content strategy, I’m happy to help!

Also lookin for collaborators and guests for my spoken English podcast. Join me for a 10 min chat to speak about your English learning journey, or to discuss your favorite phrases, expressions, and linguistic pet peeves.