Decoding Art powered by Artificial Intelligence

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Introduction Can Artificial Intelligence powered machines create art? Let’s explore the question further this week. We will start by focusing on two questions: What is Artificial Intelligence is? How is it different from traditional computing?

Can Technology like Artificial Intelligence Create Art?

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series AI & ART

Can machines with artificial intelligence create art? We’ll continue this discussion from our previous article which introduced the topic. At the risk of  some oversimplification and generalization, this week we’ll explore the question: ‘What is art?’

Future of Artificial Intelligence: Can Machines Produce Art?

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Artificial Intelligence–a domain of technology that most people think belongs in futuristic science fiction–is making a lot of news of late. Late last year, for example, the White House, under the outgoing administration of US President Obama, published a report on the potential of Artificial Intelligence.