Can Machines Produce Art?

Machines exceeding human performance is not something scheduled to happen in the future; it is already happening.

Can artificial intelligence create art?

How much of this is within the reach of a AI-powered machine? We already use machines like violins and pianos to create art, but can a machine compose a new melody or create a new painting?

Decoding machine art

A number of different terms are used when talking about the domain of Artificial Intelligence, including ‘machine learning’ and ‘deep learning.’

Decoding Machine Art: Music and Painting

There are also companies like Juke Deck and Amper Music, among many others, that specialize in creating and training machines to compose music.

Can machines produce literature

We expect literature to be evocative, to tell a story or create a picture, and use words to invoke an emotional response in the reader.

Do we want art by Artificial Intelligence

Sometimes it is practical for machines to take over

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